Every human being has potential, but success comes from personal hard work, discipline and remaining open to new possibilities

About Tej

Tej Kohli is an international businessman and philanthropist, with a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and India. His business interests range from e-commerce and technology, to online shopping and real estate in emerging economies. Tej continues to invest in forward-looking industries through the venture capital division of his company.

Tej’s charitable works are channelled through the Tej Kohli Foundation, which supports under-privileged individuals in his adopted home of Costa Rica as well as his native India. Tej is particularly proud of the Foundation’s work in funding and promoting mobile eye clinics, the Niramaya eye hospital, and a programme of corneal transplants to alleviate blindness in Delhi and across India’s Northern Central District. Tej is continually looking for areas in which direct, targeted, charitable support will change people’s lives.

Tej on business

  • Business success derives from constant engagement with the latest developments
  • Finding and developing the right people is critical for building a successful company
  • Harnessing the power and ideas of young people is the key to all countries’ future economic success

“My longstanding personal passion for IT and technology is the driver for innovation at the Tej Kohli group of companies; technology will drive entrepreneurial opportunities around the world.”

Tej on philanthropy

  • Working at grass-roots level ensures help and resources reach the people
  • Raising awareness is often as important as raising money: solving big problems takes a team effort
  • Poverty, disease, ignorance, helplessness and powerlessness can be eliminated by human intervention

“I believe that all human beings have a right to sustainable livelihood and the right to acquire the necessary abilities to become productive members of society.”