Tej Kohli is acquiring proprietary new biotechnologies with the goal of eliminating avoidable blindness by 2030.


Committed to developing biotech solutions to major global problems


To achieve the mission of eliminating avoidable corneal blindness by 2030 is going to need a universal solution that is accessible and affordable to the masses and which does not rely on donated cornea. Tej Kohli is acquiring proprietary new biotechnologies that will bring the world a step closer to this universal solution, with the latest biotechnology that he has acquired entering clinical trials during 2019.

Tej Kohli has additionally made a $100m funding commitment to Detraxi, is a biotechnology company that is focused on developing proprietary solutions to the world’s most urgent problems. Backed by a $100m commitment from Tej Kohli, the company is nearing completion of pre-clinical trials for a proprietary new biotechnology that could offer a solution for ending the blood supply shortages worldwide.

Detraxi seeks to disrupt the rules of life through the development of proprietary biotechnologies that have the long-term potential to change the world. The Detraxi mission is to save millions of lives by deploying biotechnology solutions to a range of global problems by working in collaboration with some of the most talented and respected scientists across fluid replacement, diagnostics, transplantation and regenerative medicine.

The problems that Detraxi is seeking to solve cross all of humanity. They are prevalent in the Western world as well as in high growth countries such as China and India, and they can be particularly pervasive in developing nations. Detraxi has an exciting vision for the development of its proprietary biotech solution that will start to address these problems worldwide.