The expected monthly esports audience size by 2022*

Source: Goldman Sachs Investment Research, NewZoo survey (2018 Global Esports Market Report)


Total esports monetization expected by 2022*

Source: Sports Business Daily, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research


Expected esports prize pool value in 2019*

Source: Goldman Sachs Investment Research, NewZoo survey (2018 Global Esports Market Report)


The expected % of total esports revenue that media rights will account for by 2022*

Source: NewZoo, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Investing in the Next Generation

I’m a big fan of youth - they have very good ideas. When I see young, smart people, I feel very encouraged that we are going to be ok

Tej Kohli is a global voice of authority on esports investment who became an esports investor when he invested heavily in Rewired GG, a €50m investment fund focused entirely on the esports opportunity. In December 2018 Rewired GG made a €20m initial investment into Team Vitality, Europe’s leading esports team.

According to a Goldman Sachs Investment Report, esports will grow to 300 million global viewers by 2022, but with plenty more room to grow beyond. The global online population is 3.65 billion people, of which 2.2 billion are gamers, meaning that esports viewers currently represent just 5% of the total addressable market. Goldman Sachs estimates that esports monetisation including sponsorship will reach $3 billion by 2022.

About Team Vitality

Podiums Since 2013

Club Organization

A Recent History Laying the foundation of the future


CREATION OF THE CLUB First Vitality team on Call of Duty


ENTRY INTO LCS EUROPE Purchased a slot for the League of Legends European League


1st WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE The Rainbow 6 Siege team won the world title


€2.5M FUNDRAISING Through Korelya Capital (Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister), Kima Ventures (Xavier Niel, founder of Free) and H26 (Olivier Delcourt, chairman of Dijon FCO)


LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WORLDS First time competing at the LoL World Championship


FRANCHISE AT THE LEC Team Vitality is the only French team that was selected to Riot’s new closed league: the League of Legends European Championship (LEC)


€20M FUNDRAISING Following a first fundraising, Team Vitality announced on November 26th a second fundraising of €20M via Entrepreneur Tej Kohli and Rewired GG