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London Needs A Station F

January 15, 2021

Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is a technologist and investor whose Zibel Real Estate portfolio focuses on geographic clusters where rapid technological development and new technology wealth are causing transformation...

Why The Renewable Energy Learning Curve Offers Hope To Poor Countries

January 12 2021

science delivers

Two important questions: Why did renewable energy become so cheap, so fast? And can we use this as a global opportunity for green growth?...

Tej Kohli is investing in game-changing new tech

December 07 2020

Tej Kohli

Best known for his mission to end blindness in India, here investor, entrepreneur, real estate magnate and #TejTalks author Tej Kohli talks about how he has been investing in technologies...

The Rise Of The Asian Entrepreneurs

December 11 2020

Jack ma

Last year I speculated in The Telegraph that the only way for businesses in the United Kingdom to grow was to globalize. Whilst the UK remains entangled in the uncertainty of Brexit...

Where I would invest for long-term exposure to disruptive cell-based medicines

December 14 2020


When historians look back at 2020, it won’t be the coronavirus crisis that will claim their interest, but the award in October 2020 of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to two female scientists...

Why Berlin remains my top recommendation for real estate investment

December 10 2020

real estate investment

Since 2006 I have been buying and selling real estate. Some of the biggest deals that I have transacted have been in the Middle East, where my Zibel Real Estate ...

Is it too late to get in on rotation?

December 07 2020


Research by Visual Capitalist recently revealed that typical IPO first-year returns in the USA during 2019 were -4.6% for ‘technology’ stocks, compared to an average IPO return for ‘consumer staples’ of 103%...

Is it too late to get in on rotation?

December 07 2020


In July 2020 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom estimated that 3.86% of the general population now owned Bitcoin or an equivalent crypto currency. That’s 1.9 million UK adults. In the USA it is estimated that 11% of Americans...

Tej Kohli: How bold science delivers life-changing cures.

November 04 2020

science delivers

This week an annual report arrived on my desk from Massachusetts Eye And Ear Hospital in Boston. The modest 21-page report leads with the news that its ‘Bold Science. ...

Elon Musk Says Implanted Bionics Will Change Humanity. Is He Right?

October 20 2020


Because of Elon Musk, implanted bionic devices have become more prominent in the public eye. And so it feels like an apt time to ...

Connected Minds Solve Problems

September 22 2020


A chapter in my book ‘Rebuilding You’ focuses on the importance of sharing stories to surface new opportunities for collaboration...

Bioengineered Cornea Are About To Enter The Clinical Realm. What Does That Mean?

September 16 2020


A watershed point in corneal transplant surgery is rapidly being approached. Transplantation using human donor cornea ...

Technology Transfer Can Close The Gap Between Rich And Poor

August 18 2020


Each year the Centre for Global Development (CDI) publishes a Commitment To Development Index which ranks 40 of the ...

The Impact Revolution

August 17 2020


The world must change but we cannot change it by throwing money at old ideas that no longer work. To change the world, we must ...

We must not close our eyes to those who cannot see

August 10 2020


Two years ago Parthasarathi Mocherla read an advertisement in his local newspaper in Hyderbad, India, inviting local people to attend a public meeting...

India’s Forgotten XP Children

July 27 2020


At 8PM BST today documentary film ‘Father Will I See Again?’ will premiere online on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inf9z3p0Dis ....

Ending poverty blindness means ending gender inequality too

July 20 2020


It is well evidenced that when women are empowered, they better their communities and the planet. There are approximately 25 million women in the world who are blind....

Why eliminating avoidable blindness is a wise investment to eradicate poverty

July 13 2020


It is imperative that prospective social investments — such as those required to build and maintain a sustainable eye health care sector in order to eliminate avoidable blindness ...

Using AI To Predict Poverty

July 10 2020


Artificial intelligence is becoming omnipresent and has the potential to improve every aspect of human life.

Gender Discrimination in Health Care

July 7 2020


“I shouldn’t feel scared to go to the doctor,” says a young woman, in a report by Deutsche Welle (DW) last year around women’s healthcare in India.

Poverty blindness is a double disenfranchisement for women

June 30 2020


According to the World Health Organisation of 39 million blind people in the world, 64% are girls and women. That is more than 25 million women in the world who are blind.

The Bionic British Kids Who Are Ready To Take On The World

May 20 2020


More than fifteen years ago my wife and I launched the Tej Kohli Foundation and in the years since we have made direct interventions to improve many people’s lives.

Tej Kohli: The Six D’s show why we live in the age of the entrepreneur

May 12 2020


My Kohli Ventures investment vehicle focuses on exponential growth opportunities that are derived from the chain reaction of rapid technological progression.

Tej Kohli: The Vaccine Race

May 12 2020


As Western government-imposed lockdown programmes are cautiously relaxed amid fears of damaging potential second and third waves, the issue of how to defeat this highly-infectious new virus still looms large.

Tej Kohli: My Appetite To End Holiday Hunger

May 11 2020


What will our post Coronavirus future look like? Many of us are postulating what future will follow the human tragedy of the last months. But it is erroneous to postulate any answer without first pausing to check that we are actually asking the right question.

Coughing Up Evidence: The Potential of AI to Trace and Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

April 24 2020


Nineteen years ago, a robot trained to identify coughs could have been useful in detecting alleged deception on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Now that this potential technological innovation has become a reality, however, it is rightly aimed at saving thousands of lives.

UK science is boosted by the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute

April 22 2020


The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is building on its track record for funding research in the USA and on its 6-year legacy of making direct treatment interventions in India. A new series of grants will support innovative UK technology, science and research projects that can help to alleviate and end corneal blindness by 2035.

Why I’ve donated $100,000 to develop a genetic vaccine for COVID-19.

April 15 2020


I call myself a technologist because I truly believe that we are at the epoch of a new global revolution which will see sciences and technologies combine to master new solutions that will substantially improve, and even extend, human life.

Tej Kohli: Engineers are amongst the most important people in our society. We should value them more.

April 7 2020


I graduated in 1980 with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT). It is an important part of my life story that set me on a path to become who I am today. Over the course of my career I have seen ups and downs, but overall I have been very fortunate.

AI and the Coronavirus — Part Two

April 6 2020


Cast your mind away, if you can, from the Coronavirus crisis and imagine that it is now 2120. The Coronavirus is a significant historical event, though it hopefully ranks a long way behind 1918’s Spanish Flu for death and destruction. However, 100 years have passed and the algorithms that now write the newspapers, script the radio and even read the TV news have been warning for a while that another major virus is due.

The role of seed funding for alleviating blindness in poor communities

April 1 2020


During my fifteen years as a technology investor and advocate of the prospect of artificial intelligence to improve human life I have been proud to back some amazing ventures. And recently the same ‘portfolio’ approach that I have typically applied to my investments has been proving equally effective for allocating resources to my philanthropic objectives.

Why I think aviation OEM stocks are looking cheap

March 31 2020

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On 19 March 2020, shares in The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) hit $98. Only six months earlier they had been trading at a 52-week high of $388. At the time of writing, the Rolls Royce (LSE: RR) share price has also hit a 52-week low of £321, down from its high of £937. But have short sellers ‘over shot’ the runway and left these original equipment manufacturers under-priced, or is this short selling an accurate reflection of the new reality for aviation original equipment manufacturer (OEM) stocks?

A tax on AI could help to reduce inequality

March 26 2020


As thousands of workers commence working from home due to Coronavirus, the Internet is awash with memes about the tempting distractions of YouTube. The artificial intelligence used by YouTube to continually serve relevant distractions is a modern shoulder devil for the home worker.

AI and the Coronavirus: Part One

March 26 2020

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If necessity really is the mother of invention, the coronavirus emergency is certainly exposing multiple areas of dire need. Over time, medical and other scientific innovations will surely emerge to limit the loss of life and protect humans against this new threat.

The technologist who is investing in human triumph

March 26 2020

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In 2006 I sold my company and turned my attention in earnest to building my real estate portfolio, investing in growth-stage technology businesses and expanding the work of my Tej Kohli Foundation, which has since helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Will BP shares bounce back?

March 16 2020

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“Our favourite holding period is forever” says Warren Buffett. This is sage advice. As long as you are choosing stocks that can withstand short-term shocks, and reinvesting your dividends to attain compound growth, then over a long-term time horizon the growth of your investment is more-or-less assured. I hold a lot of stocks that I never plan to sell.

How should we be investing in esports?

March 7 2020

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Before we ask ourselves how we should be investing in esports, first we should become familiar with the topic. If you don’t know what esports is, then ask a millennial. Or instead imagine this scenario: you can travel back in time to 1992 and invest in a top football club at the exact moment that the launch of the Premier League unlocked lucrative television rights deals and set the best soccer clubs on a path to become lucrative global mega-brands, would you invest? Because esports is currently in a similar trajectory on a worldwide scale.

Why A.I. makes me bullish on Micron stock

March 7 2020

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Artificial intelligence is going to become an omnipotent part of our world and everyday life. Most experts believe that the global market for A.I. will be worth $3.9 trillion by 2022 and as much as $15.7 trillion by 2030. But I sincerely believe that these predictions wholly underestimate the true economic potential of A.I. by a factor of 10. The potential applications of the global A.I. economy are at least three times greater than those of the internet economy, and today I would estimate that internet economy to be worth $50 trillion.

Joining the Technological Frontiers

September 13 2019

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Financial analysts recognize the massive growth potential of artificial intelligence and biotechnology. But, if anything, the likely economic impact of these sectors is being underestimated, because few have reckoned with the implications of what will happen when they are combined.

Machines won’t replace us. Ignore the fear-mongering. If pointed in the right direction, AI and Robotics will advance our civilization

August 23 2019

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Rewired is a robotics venture studio that launched two years ago with $100m of initial funding. It is focused on developing machine-perception technologies that enable robots to interact with uncontrolled environments and to more effectively collaborate with humans.

Beyond the hype of $30m prizes for playing Fortnite, esports superstars are a beacon of integrity for a generation that needs more role models...

July 31 2019

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In 1957 a top England soccer player would have earned £1,677 a year in wages, bonuses and international match fees, which is equivalent to that of a doctor or senior manager in today’s money. In the United States the average (American) football players’ salary in 1969 was $25,000, which is equivalent to around $160k today. Team sports transcended politics and nations and were an opportunity for role-model players to imprint important values such as integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship and good conduct onto impressionable young fans.

The Promise of AI in the Developing World

October 30 2018

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When it comes to technology, there is a common misperception that only the rich benefit. But the innovations behind gadgets like iPhones and robotic vacuums have the potential to boost development and prosperity throughout the Global South.