I rebuilt myself into a big success, and I’m determined to use that success to help rebuild others too.

Tej Kohli is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a track record for spotting new global trends and investing early.

I'm backing ventures in artificial intelligence, robotics and genomics because I believe in the promise of technology to build a better world.

Tej Kohli has a well-publicised mission to eradicate avoidable blindness worldwide by 2030.

My mission is a world where nobody is blind because they cannot afford or access treatment.

Tej Kohli is a technologist and investor who backs ventures in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. He is also the owner of the Zibel Real Estate portfolio and the owner of a portfolio of e-commerce providers including dynacart. Tej Kohli is also engaged in rebuilding people and communities around the world through his not-for-profit Tej Kohli Foundation.

Tej Kohli’s career as an entrepreneur culminated in the sale of his e-commerce and online payments business in 2006. Since this major liquidity event Tej Kohli has been an evangelist of the promise of technology to improve human life and has backed ventures all over the world. Tej Kohli also continues to invest in real estate and e-commerce opportunities.

Tej Kohli is best known for his mission to eliminate poverty-driven corneal blindness worldwide by 2035. Since 2005 his not-for-profit Tej Kohli Foundation has become a global centre of interdisciplinary innovation for the development of new solutions. Its ‘Rebuilding You’ philosophy reflects Tej Kohli’s desire to use science and technology to rebuild communities and improve lives.

Tej Kohli regularly shares his thoughts and wisdom on matters relevant to the Tej Kohli Foundation on his #TejTalks Medium blog. He also shares commercial and investment insights on his #TejTalks Ghost blog and writes a regular stock market investment column for The Motley Fool. He is an occasional contributor to Project Syndicate and his book ‘Rebuilding You’ is available online. Tej Kohli is active on social media as @MrTejKohli.

An impact investment vehicle focused on ventures that can improve human life.

A not-for-profit Foundation focused on rebuilding people and communities worldwide.

A global hub of interdisciplinary innovation to eliminate poverty-driven blindness.

A deep tech fund backing ventures worldwide with investors including Tej Kohli.

A fund backing esports ventures worldwide with investors including Tej Kohli.


A privately-held global real estate portfolio focused on high-growth opportunities.

Tej Kohli: The World In 2020



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